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This section has been designed to provide information about different aspects of packaging industry through a list of articles. This section includes articles related to different types of packaging for different industries, the latest packaging products launched in the market, maintenance and using tips of different packaging, packaging services and and other topics of interest related to this industry. Get to know here the new products, marketing trends, developments in packaging for the food, pharmaceutical, drug, and cosmetic and other products.

Top Ten Creative Packaging Designs
6 December, 2010- Packaging is indeed the essence of marketing as it is actually the face value that attracts a potential customer to buy a product. It is a creative aspect of marketing which like any other creative field can bring up the most weird of all concepts on table.....

Eco Packaging: Popular Food Packaging Technique
27 November, 2010- Customers and investors are showing more interests in eco-packaging that save raw materials, avoid food waste and enhance recyclability. It has been evident in the recently concluded Cleantech Forum XXII in....

Right Food Packaging: The Essence of Marketing
26 November, 2010- Food packaging is a huge industry and there are several key players. If you are looking for a packaging services firm then you need to identify a company that offers you the highest ROI (return on investment). There are several companies that offer turnkey contract filling for....

Why Food Packaging Matters For The Environment
24 November, 2010- Food packaging suppliers have a lot of things to take into consideration when it comes to the design of their products. In addition to providing food packaging that is attractive, convenient and effective, suppliers must strive to meet - and exceed - many environmental standards. Those standards are....

Pharma Packaging - Innovation Key to Cost Savings
22 November, 2010- In the pharmaceutical industry, while the status of the packaging function might only be that of an appendix, if properly utilized, it can be an invaluable resource of innovation and....

Eco Packaging: The Most Demanding Clean Technology in Food Packaging Industry
12 October 2010- Customers and investors are showing more interests in eco-packaging that save raw materials, avoid food waste and enhance recyclability. It has been evident in the recently concluded Cleantech Forum XXII in Copenhagen. Ecopackaging is set to become....

Uses of Plastic Packaging Bags
There is nothing wrong with using plastic bags. They are light and very convenient. The plastic bag suppliers are important for us, for the industries and packaging companies. The actual issue is how to properly dispose of them so that they do not become a hazard on our lands. Let us learn more about how plastic packaging help us....

Active & Intelligent Food Packaging: Basic Idea
The packaging industry has come up with various techniques for food packaging, the most popular of which is the active and intelligent packaging. Active and Intelligent food packaging plays important functions....

Bubble Packaging: Its Varieties and Benefits
Bubble packaging or Bubble wrap is one of the most popular, durable, lightweight packaging material and also used to filling the void in boxes. This is a pliable transparent plastic material which is ideal for packing fragile items....

The Growing Importance of Food Packaging
Food packaging is very important not only as a protection of food but also as a means of marketing the food product. Based on the latest advanced technology, food manufacturers, retailers, packaging products suppliers are working more closely...

Stylish Packaging for Boosting your Business
Stylish packaging boxes are widely used all over the world nowadays for a secured and safe delivery of sealed manufactured items from one place to another.

Using Plastic Food Sealers for Preserving Meat Products
Plastic food sealers are the one of the most popular packaging methods used today at home as well as in food industry, especially for storing frozen meat or beef.

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