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When & Why to Hire a Packaging Consultant

To obtain specialized expertise
Packaging Consultants have highly specialized knowledge that might not be available in-house, from understanding international regulations to product designs. That knowledge can help you grow your business and achieve success.

To provide an objective viewpoint
The primary benefit of in-house employees -they know the company intimately-can be a drawback in some situations. Consultants work with many companies day in and day out, which gives them a broader perspective.

To save money
Many people think of packaging consultants as expensive. However, a good consultant can save money. First, because hiring someone in-house with that much expertise could cost much more (think fixed expense vs. variable expense), and second, because they have highly specialized knowledge difficult to find in an employee, consultants can identify areas of vulnerability-such as illegal claims made on your product packaging or gaps in your quality control program-which, if not addressed, could cause a financial nightmare down the road.

To make money
Hiring a packaging consultant to develop an innovative product, design irresistible packaging, write sales-generating copy or create buzz at a trade show can increase sales and profits, helping you recoup your original investment many times over.

To get something done fast
Packaging Consultants' highly specialized knowledge makes them extremely efficient. In contrast, in-house employees have many different projects competing for their attention.

To handle a crisis
If you accidentally sell a batch of contaminated product or are embroiled in a public-relations disaster, it's a good time to call a consultant experienced in managing crises. Not only can an outside expert not personally enmeshed in the business keep a cool head, they've handled crises in the past and learned from experience.

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