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Packaging Automation System

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Automation is a technique of making industrial machinery, a process, or a system operate in an independent or self-controlling manner. This is the generic definition of automation. With regard to packaging, this definition should be adjusted to reflect the objectives of packaging as subsequently stated. Automation is controlling the packaging line by using the optimum technique to cause the process to operate at a steady state rate in a self-controlling manner. Note these definitions say nothing about eliminating labor or guaranteeing profitability, but they both imply that automation will optimize labor and give the potential of profitability.

Why Automation is Required?
Packaging automation is a very unique and specialized domain. Manufacturers across the world are going for packaging automation to cut cost and streamline their operations. It can bring sea changes to the whole process and help you to achieve greater processing efficiency. Followings are the areas where automation can make a difference:

Design & Engineering Manufacturing Easy to operate and maintain New business environment Information enabled

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