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An online B2B platform for providing complete packaging solutions. Get information on Packaging, Packaging Products, Packaging Machinery, Packaging Materials, Packaging Graphics & Labelling. Find here related suppliers directory, trade leads, including information on package development, automation, RFID and Brand Security, packaging news and latest articles. Presenting a host of cutting edge packaging solutions, this portal enables you to think differently on every package that you see...

Product Packaging

Pharma Packaging

Pharma Packaging
A new study revels that the demand for worldwide drug packaging is expected to reach new heights, predicting growth of...

Packaging Materials

Food Packaging
Food packaging is vital to not only attract customers but also to provide safe and edible food...

Cosmetic Packaging

Cosmetic Packaging
Cosmetic packaging is a critical factor in a consumer's overall brand experience with any cosmetic...

Packaging Machinery Packaging Materials Packaging Graphics & Label Printing

Package Development
Package Development
In recent times, package design and development has become an integral part of the entire new product development ...
Packaging Automation
Packaging Automation
Packaging automation is a very unique and specialized domain. Manufacturers across the world are going for packaging automation to cut cost...

Packagagining Innovation
Packaging Innovation
In a sea of look-a-likes, the packaging challenge for companies is to bring to the market new and improved product concepts where the packaging does more...
RFID and Brand Security
RFID and Brand Security
Use of RFID in packaging results in reduced costs, faster response to changing customer demand, and an improved ability to have the right product in the right...

International Packaging Requirement
International Packaging Requirement
To address environmental concerns relating to packaging waste, many countries have implemented environmental packaging requirements to allocate and distribute waste management costs, shift responsibility onto...

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