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Food packaging as the name suggests is packaging of all types of food and food packaging plays a vital role in the packaging industry. Food packaging is needed to provide protection as well as to market the food product. Food packaging is vital to not only attract customers but also to provide safe and edible food to them. Food packaging is of utmost importance, as food is health and health is wealth. Package is the facilitator. Package is the means and vehicle that preserves and delivers the health to wealth.

The main purpose of food packaging is to protect the food from microbial and chemical contamination, oxygen, water vapor and light, promotion of convenience and providing product information like nutrition facts, date of manufacturing, date of expiry etc..

Importance of Food Packaging
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The Growing Importance of Food Packaging

Food Packaging Designs
Depending on the food, there are different food packaging options. Like, for instance, the material used for frozen food packaging, gourmet food packaging or candy packaging are all different from each other. There are food packaging containers, food packaging boxes and various other food packaging design options. The type of packaging material used therefore has an important role in determining the shelf life of a food. The various packing concepts include, passive packaging, active packaging and intelligent packaging.

Passive Food Packaging
Passive Packaging provides protection from external elements such as air and moisture. This is a traditional packaging that involves the use of a covering material, characterized by some inherent insulating, protective and ease-of-handling qualities. The most common example of this type of packaging is a simple plastic bag.

Active Food Packaging
Active Packaging actively changes the condition of the packaged food to extend life or to improve safety and sensory properties, while maintaining the quality of the packaged products.

Intelligent Food Packaging
Intelligent Packaging monitors the condition of packaged foods to give information about the quality of the packaged food during transport and storage.

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Passive PackagingIntelligent Packaging

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Why active and intelligent packaging?
With changes in the way food products are produced, distributed, stored and retailed, reflecting the continuing increase in consumer demand for improved quality and extended shelf life for packaged foods, are placing greater and greater demands on the performance of food packaging. Considering these aspects, innovative active and intelligent packaging concepts are being developed to:

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