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The Growing Importance of Food Packaging

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Food packaging is very important not only as a protection of food but also as a means of marketing the food product. Based on the latest advanced technology, food manufacturers, retailers, packaging products suppliers are working more closely than ever before to produce packaging products designed for modern lifestyles. This has led to the emergence of varied hi-fi packaging designs and packaging products, especially for food packaging, in the market. There has been explosion of ready to eat meals in the market. All food packaging highlights freshness, health and traceability of the products. Packaging has become an important part of the value chain analysis, regarding food safety.

The importance of food packaging is further strengthened by the final choice of the consumers because it directly involves appeal, convenience, information and branding. The food industry and the food packaging industry is reinventing the food service channel.

food packaging
Food Packaging

Proper food packaging functions
Food Packaging serves several purpose:

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