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International Packaging Requirement

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In the present atmosphere of increasing global commerce, interest in environmental sustainability has mounted, as have the waste by-products of trade. To address environmental concerns relating to packaging waste, many countries have implemented environmental packaging requirements to allocate and distribute waste management costs, shift responsibility onto product manufacturers, and to decrease the environmental impact of packaging.

Companies selling goods in foreign markets face an ever-growing range of international packaging regulations, including environmental design requirements and extensive packaging fee systems. These requirements differ greatly from the current regulations in the United States, but their impact on US goods sold abroad cannot be ignored.

With packaging regulations in place in a growing number of markets, (including some US states, Canada, Western and Eastern Europe, South Africa, Australia, Brazil, China, Japan, Taiwan, Tunisia, and South Korea) and regulations pending in many more, understanding where responsibility lies is crucial to ensuring worldwide compliance and sustained economic edge. In other words, awareness of international packaging fees and design requirements will improve the competitiveness of exporters.

International Packaging Design Requirement
Failure to adhere to the packaging requirements set out by countries can lead to poor cost-competitiveness of goods exported by you, enforcement measures, and poor public image, especially as environmental consciousness continues to grow.
EU Packaging Directive on Packaging and packaging waste EU Packaging Directive on Packaging and packaging waste

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