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Bubble Packaging: Its Varieties and Benefits

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Bubble packaging or Bubble wrap is one of the most popular, durable, lightweight packaging material and also used to filling the void in boxes. This is a pliable transparent plastic material which is ideal for packing fragile items as the regular space, protruding air-filled bubbles provide complete cushioning or protection for precious or breakable items. Bubble packaging absorbs shock so as to keep the product safe.

Varieties of Bubble Packaging

Bubble packaging is available in different varieties in terms of barrier properties and bubble size.
Benefits of Bubble Packaging
The basic advantage of bubble packaging material is that it is a material having air bubbles and hence the item that has to be transported when wrapped with this material, it is ensured that the product is not broken if the package has to bear any impacts. This makes bubble packaging an ideal mode of transporting things like chinaware, items made of glass, and other fragile things.

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