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Standup Pouch Packaging

In recent years, Standup-Pouch packaging has created an interesting marketing opportunity for many consumer product companies. Both new and traditional products have been introduced in a wide range of categories including single serve beverages, processed foods, cookies, snacks, breakfast cereals, confectioneries, pet treats & pet foods, in addition to a wide range of value added product applications. These product categories and other emerging markets will increase the magnitude of this package style in the market for many years to come.

The trend toward Standup-Pouch packaging has been mainly driven by companies looking for ways to differentiate their products from the competition, add consumer convenience through improved methods of reclosability and in general provide an innovative marketing approach to stimulate the sales of a stagnant brand or increase the acceptance and success of a new product introduction.

Global Growth 1998-2006
Global Growth 1998-2006

Based on new development efforts underway we will see the further reach of the Standup-Pouch packaging format into many more product categories including processed foods, condiments, detergents, health and beauty products and other household product applications.

The Standup-Pouch has successfully demonstrated the unique ability to accommodate both dry and liquid applications. Now with the possibility to add not only zipper for reclosability, but spouts and dispensing features we can expect to see a new realm of exciting product introductions.

The mere magnitude of a shift from rigid to flexible can be overwhelming to some, particularly those who have utilized a particular method of packaging for decades, but this need not be the case as the magic formula to success thus far has been not necessarily to replace, but rather partner your existing packaging format.
Pouch PackagingStand-up Pouch Package

The new Standup-Pouch alternative can grow market share, adds value and provide the all important consumer with "choice". This implementation process will enable packagers to perform a gradual transition to the future as opposed to a blind leap into the unknown.

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