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Labeling Machines

Labeling machines are machines that dispense, apply or print-and-apply labels to various items, products, containers, or packages. Labeling machines are produced in many different versions. Labels are attached to all kinds of containers. A general distinction is made with regard to the label-attaching technique between adhesive, heat-sealing, hotmelt adhesive, wet-adhesive and sheath labeling machines. The following label types are typical: all-around, front-side, rear-side, suspension, sheath and seal labels.

Because the demand for labels is great in many situations, labeling machines are integrated into the processes of various companies that have a high volume of packaged products being moved out for shipment. Other businesses that have a system of inventory storage and management also require the use of special labeling machinery and equipment. One of the most popular types of labeling machinery is the automatic labeling machine, which is able to do its job without needing an operator. This machine is simply made up of a labeling applicator, a conveyor to transport the products and a control system.

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