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Design Consulting

Developers and users of innovative packaging solutions are faced with the many significant technical challenges of effectively bringing a product to the marketplace. Depending on the nature of the product to be packaged, the problems that can be encountered are diverse and, therefore, require a diverse set of solutions. A design consultant for packaging applications can help. Whether it is protecting the product from moisture or microbes, catching the consumer's eye on the shelf, building brand recognition, providing tamper evidence, or of increasing importance, offering anti-counterfeit strategies, there are a multitude of solutions these consulting companies provide for today's increasingly high tech packaging world.

When you think about all the different technologies employed in an extremely effective innovative packaging system, it is amazing that today's high tech packaging requirements can be met in a cost-effective fashion. Yet cost is an extremely important factor due to the very nature of packaging. It is usually only required to get the product to market and, therefore, is often a recyclable or throwaway item with a very finite end-use requirement. Materials must be chosen carefully to allow for adequate but not over- performance.

For example, when choosing a color pigment for a plastic packaging application, the color will need a certain level of light stability. It is unlikely, however, that the level of color stability required for a packaging application will be anywhere near as great as that required for an exterior automotive application. Therefore, a formulator who chooses a color with the correct level of light stability will usually have a cost advantage over someone who uses an 'automotive' grade pigment, which provides more performance than is actually required.

Another example of the importance of choosing the right material can be illustrated when considering effect materials. On the surface, it often appears that special effect materials are relatively expensive compared to other packaging materials. However, it has been demonstrated in many studies that attracting the consumer's eye is of extreme importance in building brand recognition and increasing market share.
Packaging Design ConsultingPackaging Design Consultancy

Using effect materials such as pearlescent pigments and effect films, combined with standard colors and various printing techniques, all represent important methods employed in building brand equity.

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